Watchman Beaten To A Pulp – And Then Tied To A Pole (Photos)


A watchman is Syokimau isn’t having the best day after all. The guy, assigned to Riverside Security, ended up on the other side of the law after he was nabbed stealing a loaf of bread by a Kiosk owner.The owner, who had endured two hard years of having his stuff stolen – mostly bread- decided to lay a trap and catch the thief at the act.

So, he decided to leave two crates of bread outside of his kiosk and hid somewhere waiting for the thief. And then he appeared in the form of Peter Langat Kipkirui ,a security guard.


No sooner had he started stealing the loaves of bread than the locals descended on him, beast him to a pulp, burst his lips up and then left him tied to a pole. Poor guy.

Dude, that’s nit the way to conduct security services.