This HotThika Road Hawker Is Driving Kenyans Wild (Photos)


Hawkers are not normally hot, sexy mamacita with gorgeous faces and a little hint of flawless makeup.But along Thika Road, this really is a reality.

Kenyans on the Internet have been blown away by some girl who hawks sweets…But looks like one helluva sexy video vixen while at it.

Along Thika Road every morning , Kenyans encounter all manner of hawkers selling all manner of stuff- From newspapers to sweets to handkerchiefs to water to even sweet potatoes.

But then along comes a girl who not only sells you one pretty sweet bubble gum, but knockls you off your sweet while at it.

Here she is. Marvel at her. And remember to buy her candy next time you see her .

We’re still trying to establish whether she’s single or taken. And whether she’s as sweet as the stuff she hawks.

Kenyans on social media go bananas over this hot hawker