Rapper Rabbit Set To Walk Down The Aisle Next Month


He’s been rumored to be one of the biggest playboys in town.

He already has at least two kids with some random girls out here and has been rumored to have dated beautiful singer Chemutai Sage (who is one of his baby mamas) and also Mama Baha of Citizen TV’s Machachari show.

But King Kaka is not all about sowing wild oats. He actually has plans to marry and settle down. With yet another baby mama.

The girl in this case is one Nana Owiti who the rapper is planning to wed next month… The romantic month of Love.

He made the news via Instagram and it has caused quite the buzz.

Finally, a Nigga bites the dust.

The girl, ladies and gentlemen, is quite the catch! Whoa!

King Kaka's baby mama

Owiti 2

Owiti 3