Rapper Madtraxx and DJ Stylez Lose Pregnant Elder Sister in Home Accident


Kenyan showbiz heavyweights Madtraxx and DJ Stylez are mourning the death of their elder sister, Dr Njeri Muigai. She passed away on Monday morning.

A source close to the family told Word Is: “Her mother found her sprawled on the bathroom floor unconscious at her house. Dr Njeri tripped and fell. She was then quickly rushed to the Nairobi Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival,” our source said.

Dr Njeri, who was in her late thirties, was eight months pregnant and both she and her unborn child didn’t survive. Njeri, who was brought up in a wealthy family, chose to study medicine and was working with the Health ministry for more than nine years since 2008, while her brothers Madtraxx and DJ Stylez ventured into music.

Ouma Oluga, the secretary general of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union, also mourned the death of the medical practitioner.

“No Dr Njeri Muigai, you can’t die now. How can you go when we hadn’t even begun working on our plans? Your untimely demise is just very sad news unacceptable to our hearts. Rest with the angels Beautiful. We remain broken.”

May she Rest in Peace.