“My Jet Is Coming Soon”, Bishop Allan Kiuna Says


After Bishop Allan Kiuna was lampooned online for flaunting a jet that was said to have been acquired with Church money, the flamboyant TV preacher pulled down the photos of the jet and downplayed the whole issue.But now, he seems to have come back to allay the rumors and make one thing clear – he’s still purchasing the jet. With his own money.

The televangelist was derided for his showy ways and for wanting to buy something so costly at the detriment of his congregants

But while speaking to Edaily.co.ke, he said, “Some online outlets in the country are too quick to report nonfactual information about people. Those (reports of acquiring jet using congregants’ money) are just cooked up stories. I don’t think it is even necessary to follow up on cooked up stories,”

“What I would say is there is no jet yet, but it will come soon. I have already acquired one,” he added.

The jet is said to be a said to be a Cessna Citation X 1997 model and is estimated to cost a whooping $20.6 million (KSh2.1 billion).

Wow. Just wow.