Mombasa Guy Gets BEATEN UP by his Four Hookers After Failing To Pay for Their Bedroom Services (VIDEO)


Only eat what you can afford to pay for, is a little gem that some Luo guy in Bamburi, Mombasa seemed not to be aware of after he attempted to flee before paying for the services of some four hookers he had just munched on. FOUR!

The stingy guy is said to have devoured the four call girls at some busy entertainment spot and was normally supposed to pay them for their, eeer, services.

According to local blog Ghafla, the man had a nice time with the hookers before they went for a five-some in a room in Bamburi.

But then the Luo man in his questionable wisdom decided to flee early in the morning without paying his due only to be confronted by the vexed call girls.

The man sneaked into his Honda and tried to drive off but the hookers confronted him and compelled him to pay them their money.

He was forced to pay Kes 200 before he could be allowed to leave. Watch how the drama unfolded in the video below: