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Jastorina is a show about young Jastorina from Nyahururu who comes to Nairobi in search of greener pasture in the name of a househelp job to fend for herself and her family. Her dad is a drunkard and she is the first born among five kids.

She finds herself in the heart of Umoja estate where she works for the ruthless Mama Kevo(Lorna), humble man of the house Tayo, Notorious teenager Kevin, and adorable 8 year old Nicole.

In the neighbourhood is Maasai, tall dark handsome man who tries to tune Jastorina, she likes him and this relationship is an interesting one with the ups and downs. What Jastorina doesn’t know is that Maasai is married and has a wife and child back in Kajiado, what is interesting that he is married to the househelp who used to work at Mama Kevo’s house before Maasai impregnated her.

The two people who know this secret are Glado and Stevo . Glado is a househelp in the same block as Jastorina and Stevo sells water in the hood.

This show is a hence a dramedy(comedy and Drama) of the lives of all these people intertwined and how they get by each day.

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After watching the promo, there will be a pop up for rent options.After choosing the rent option, you will be prompted to sign up with Vimeo then check out with either Visa or PayPal.once payment is confirmed you will have access to individual Episodes or the entire catalogue depending on subscription level.The shows are arranged in order of appearance from Episode one to Thirteen.

Kentv from Kentv Productions on Vimeo.

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