January 2nd 2017 Will Be A National Holiday- Joseph Nkaissery


Cheers to the freaking weekend!!! Yeeeaaaayyyy! It’s yet another Holiday added onto an entire two weeks or so of endless festivities. And debauchery.

The Cabinet Secretary for Interior Security Joseph Nkaiserry has just declared that January 2nd will also be a holiday –¬†and Kenyans can’t hide their excitement.

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery made the announcement through a gazette notice to the effect that New Year falls on a Sunday.

Section 4 of Public Holidays Act 2011 states that when a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day is treated as a holiday.

Well, eat that Bosses! Haha. One more reason to delay in Mombasa. Or Naivasha. Or Nakuru. Or wherever it is you will be drinking yourself silly at.

Happy New Year folks!