DJ MO Blasted For Stepping Into Jacuzzi With Daughter (Photo)


He’s one of the most sought after local DJs married to one beautiful Gospel singer. But DJ MO still lags behind when it comes to good manners…Or so it’s claimed.

The NTV Crossover Host and DJ is now being blasted by his followers after posting a controversial photo of himself in a Jacuzzi with his daughter Ladasha Wambo.

Alot of people thought that that action was uncouth, uncomfortable, filthy and Unafrican and DJ MO has been facing the music since he posted the unfortunate photo.

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Muthui Julie It ain’t wrong to bath, wash or swim with your daughter… But i hv one disturbing question…. Dj mo are u also naked???? Cz if u are then dats totally wrong

Stella Shamalla So someone was thinking that ladasha was seing a mburukenge!ha ha!

Marya Cherop Why are u guys cheering this. Its wrong! it’s wrong! It’s wrong! Not cr*p tradition it’s just too wrong!

Gerald Keneth Kaniaru Buda… Uko kwa jacuzzi na mtoto msichana… Then hii ndio Tiga Wana scenario

Jalyne Atashe NO no no!Am just African Our Forefathers were not STUPID when they Set thos Traditions!!!!Some Boundaries are KEY! Dota & dad in the Jacuzzi, Small or still young! STILL A BIG NO MOH!!Some things heri tu tubaki na ushamba,,That Ain’t Modernness” HIO ni UFALA jo!

He’s now come out to claim that he was wearing shorts and was not totally nude but still… People aren’t convinced.

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Do you think a dad should bath in a bathtub with his own little girl? Is that cool? Acceptable?