Diamond’s Fiancee Shows Off Their Customized Multi-Million-Shilling Cars (PHOTO)


Just when we thought they couldn’t go any higher, the East African Royal Couple keeps rising higher and higher.

As Diamond Platnumz continues to woo the world and also sizzle Africa with his groundbreaking hits and stardom acts, the money keeps piling in the bank.

And that probably explains why the two lovebirds have been fortunate to be some of the few East African celebs who have customized their cars and are rolling big allover town.

In a photo that Mama Tiffah shared online some 13 hours ago, cars of the two stars are seen parked in Tanzania with their daughter perched into mama’s car.

Both cars have customized number plates. And both cost millions upon millions.

Key options at my Tanzanian home🏰

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Captioning the photo,

Key options at my Tanzanian home🏰

Mama Tiffah sure is a blessed woman.