CRAZY: Size 8 and Willy Paul Storm Out Of Radio Station


The drama surrounding the two Tiga Wana collaborators isn’t going anywhere after all.They’ve been allover the place since the song was dropped – On TV, radio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your local kiosk defending the song and shutting down their haters.

And now, they’re back with an even bigger mystery.

Well, it so happened that these two Gospel stars were invited for a radio interview at Radio Jambio hosted by Gidi Gidi (Of Gidi and Maji Maji fame) and Ghost Mulee formerly of Harambee Stars.

Image result for willy paul radio jambo

Now, that’s not even the problem.

Problem is, after they showed up at the Mombasa Road based studios, the two didn’t even sit in the studio for ten minutes before they left in a huff leaving the two presenters bewildered.

Gidi Gidi claims that the two walked out of the interview unprovoked. Right in the mddle of the session.

Willy Paul insists that he had another scheduled interview and they had to leave at 7.30 and also asks the hosts to apologize to Kenya’s for misrepresenting the facts.

Fact is, the two singers walked out of Radio Jambo. Smack in the middle of an interview.