Classic 105 Is Not As Popular As You Think! These Numbers Will Shock You


Many assume that Classic 105 is the biggest radio station in Kenya with millions and millions of listeners. But that’s just a fallacy perpetuated by social media and boosted by Maina Kageni’s notoriety. Oh, and Kilimani Mums.Its NOT the most popular radio station in Kenya. And that Breakfast Show is not even the most listened to .

GeoPoll have released their latest report on media audience in Kenya and we have been opened up to a whole new world of shocking figures.

In radio popularity, Classic 105 comes a distant fourth behind Radio Citizen, Radio Maisha, Radio Jambo and Milele Fm.

Radio Citizen is still the most popular station countrywide, leading the charts every hour from 6am till 10pm (the tracking duration). The Royal Media owned station has a 15.4% market share, followed closely by Radio Maisha with 11.2%.

In the vernacular category, the most popular radio station is Ramogi FM which comes in at number 7 overall.


On TV, Citizen TV is still the number one station by far as always and then KTN comes a distant second as well.

Another shock is the entrant of KTN NEWS into the fray edging out even established stations like NTV.

KTN NEWS is just  a couple months old and its doing great already.

Here’s the full numbers and figures.