Class over Crass: Uhuru Kenyatta Sends Christmas Card To Millie Odhiambo After Her Insults


Uhuru Kenyatta is definitely not in the mood for a fight. He’s rarely willing to get himself all caught up in pettiness and cheap shots.After Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo blasted him, calling him stupid and fake, the President seems to have brushed aside the matter and is quick to bury the hatchet.

And how does he respond to the whole matter? He has decided to send a gilded Christmas card to his foe, Hon. Mille Odhiambo.

The beautiful card features the image of the President next to his wife and is addressed in the most civil way and also embossed in gold,

“Christmas is here again – a time to remember and apply our shared values of compassion, sharing and communism.

“We share this holiday with all people of all persuasions because what we celebrate are cherished universal human impulses.

“Often, what we see as our differences are only expressions of problems that can be resolved through a commitment to good will, love, peace and unity. Let the holidays bring us closer to each other so that we can lighten our burdens and brighten our journey.

“To you, your family and everyone you love, Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year,” reads the message.” the message read.

That’s one way of solving conflict, I guess