Babu Owino ARRESTED! Again!


Controversial student leader Babu Owino, the head of SONU, has been arrested and thrown behind the cells after he caused commotion at the Kilimani Police Station.

The troublesome city rascal had stormed into the police station to demand for the release of his equally retarded gun-totting friend Chris Obure before he started commotion and even allegedly slapped a police officer on duty.

Chris Obure was arrested on Wednesday after he threatened to shoot a fellow reveler at a city club over a simple parking spot disagreement.

However, Babu was later released on a Ksh 10,000 police bond.

After his release, the perennial student leader told the press,

“No, I did not go to demand the release of Chris Obure. Police in Kilimani had arrested a comrade last evening on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly. I mobilized several youth, who accompanied me to the station, where we demanded that the right procedure be followed in apprehending our fellow student.

“However, officers on duty harassed us, which made me lose my cool and slap one of them. That is when I was arrested,”