Awwwww. King Kaka Serenades Baby Mama in The Sweetest Way Ever! (WATCH)


Is King Kaka the MOST Romantic Male Celeb in Kenya as we speak? This little video may answer the question.

The Poet and Rapper became the highlight of the day, last Friday 17th March 2017 when he wrote his baby mama Nana Owiti a heartfelt poem on her birthday.

He expressed his love for her telling her how she’s beautiful and sweet and how he had found true love being with her. Of course the internet went crazy especially the ladies who were stimulated beyond words.

As it appears, that was just the first part of his well-orchestrated serenade. The guy definitely had a lot in store.

King Kaka took Nana Owiti for dinner later on in the evening and right in the middle of it, a band came out of nowhere and started playing love songs for her as King Kaka clapped proud of his achievements.

Nana on the other hand was left mesmerized and she couldn’t stop tears from rolling down her cheeks. Check out the romantic video here: