The Beautiful Elani Girls Light Up The Internet With The Hottest Photos Of 2017 Yet


The gorgeous Elani trio has been quite quiet of late. No new music, no new videos, no new projects and no new tabloid-worthy stories.

But the girls and boy are now BACK with what can be accurately described as a BANG!

The singing threesome, famous for some big hits like Kookoo and Jana Usiku have now sizzled the internet with some seriously and dangerously hot photos of themselves.

W #Elani2017

A photo posted by ELANI LOVE YOU😎😎😎 (@elanimuziki) on

The photos see the girls flaunt their goodies in tight blue dresses as the man of the hour stands in between them, in a blue suit, looking resplendent and radiant.

These photos have really gone viral for real and attracted thousands of LIKES and comments from Facebook to Instagram.

What’s good? They’ve even been turned into memes too. Memes people!


You know you’ve hit the top when you get turned into a meme.

Check them out. Beautiful.


A photo posted by ELANI LOVE YOU😎😎😎 (@elanimuziki) on